1. Do you offer bundles for your designs? Will you make a drive?
● At this time I do not offer bundles. I personally do not like drives and do not plan on doing one. You can use a promo code from a brand rep though!
2. How much is it for business branding?
● At this time I am temporarily closed for business branding, but hope to reopen soon.
3. Do you offer shirts with your designs or sublimation transfers?
● I do not, but please see my "Shop Small" section to find shops that carry my designs.
4. When will "insert design set here" be available on the website?
● If you can not find a specific design on the website please refer to the album for the design you are looking for. In the album title there will be a drop date for when the designs will be available.
5. Can you design a custom design or exclusive design for me?
● Absolutely! Customs are my favorite. This option may not always be available, but please shoot me a PM and as long as things are not too busy I am always open to custom/exclusive designs. Please note that I am a stay at home mama. My hours my vary. Sometimes I sometimes forget to reply to PMs. I have three kiddos ages 7, 5 & 1.5. I mainly work during nap time & bed time. If you send me a PM I will do my best to reply within 48hrs - if I do not reply by then please don't be afraid to message me again to make sure I saw your message. My brain = apple mush most days.